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Committed To Treatment Excellence

At Committed To Treatment Excellence, our focus is on offering you the best possible medical care. We’re here to help you achieve better your health. With access to leading hospitals and experienced doctors, we ensure you receive top-notch treatment in India. Count on us as your dedicated partner on your journey to a healthier and happier life. Your well-being is our utmost concern, and we are here to provide you with exceptional care at every stage.

Super Specialist Hospitals

Super Specialist Hospitals are like healthcare superheroes. They’re hospitals with highly skilled doctors who are experts in specific fields of medicine. Think of them as the top-notch doctors of the medical world, like the Avengers of healthcare. These hospitals have all the advanced tools and knowledge to tackle even the trickiest health problems. So, when you need the best of the best in medical care, Super Specialist Hospitals are where you turn to. They’re here to save the day, one patient at a time.

Fortis Hospital, Delhi

Max Hospital, Delhi

Apollo Hospital, Delhi

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Top Doctors in India

Dr. Vivudh Pratap Singh

Dr. Anil Saxena

Dr. Parvathi Unninayar Iyer

Dr. Vijay Kumar

Dr. Peeyush Jain

Our Expertise

Our expertise in all the major diseases with expert doctors across India


Cancer is a disease where the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and can spread to other parts. Early detection and proper treatment are crucial for managing it effectively.


Your heart is like a strong pump in your chest that pushes blood through your body. It gives you the energy you need to live and be active, so taking care of it is super important!

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is like getting a new hinge for your knee. It helps you move without pain and stiffness, making walking easier!

Fertility (IVF)

Fertility treatment, like IVF, is like a helping hand for couples trying to have a baby. It combines eggs and sperm outside the body to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is like getting a new filter for your body. It’s a surgery where a healthy kidney from someone else helps your body clean your blood.

Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is like fixing a problem with your backbone. It’s a procedure to help with back pain or other spine issues, making you feel better and move comfortably.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is like a makeover for your body. It’s a procedure to change or enhance your appearance, often to boost your self-confidence and feel better about yourself.

Eye Specialist

An eye specialist is like a superhero for your eyes. They’re doctors who take care of your eyes, making sure you can see well and keeping your eyes healthy.



Dental care is like a superhero for your teeth. It’s about keeping your teeth clean, strong, and healthy so you can smile and eat comfortably.

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“MyHealthTripAdvisor made my knee surgery in India smooth and stress-free. From finding the right surgeon to handling travel arrangements, they had it all covered. Their support didn’t stop after the surgery; they ensured I had a comfortable recovery. A big thank you!”

James R

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“Choosing MyHealthTripAdvisor for my medical journey was a game-changer. They managed every detail, from flights to appointments. Their language assistance and cultural tips were invaluable. I’m back home with great memories and successful treatment.”


Elena S


“MyHealthTripAdvisor turned my medical trip into a breeze. They arranged my dental treatment and took care of logistics seamlessly. Their personalized attention and local insights made me feel at ease. Highly recommended!”


Tao K


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